Using A Business That Performs Commercial Glass Window Repair

As a small business owner, if you notice a crack in one of the storefront windows, it’s time to take the appropriate steps towards having it repaired promptly. Failing to fix a cracked pane of glass can lead to an unfortunate injury, which could in turn cause a lawsuit to occur. It is also unsightly from a street view, making a business appear unkempt as a result. Following are some of the steps for a Commercial Glass Window Repair to ensure the said window is safe and aesthetically pleasing.

An Evaluation Of The Situation Is Conducted

First, the window repair service will take a look at the structural integrity of the window with the damaged portion. They will determine whether it is in need of a full replacement or if the crack can be repaired instead. They will also take into consideration the pricing of the glass and offer the customer a few choices in glass strength should a replacement need to be conducted.

A Filling Agent Is Used For Smaller Fixes

Smaller cracks or chips can most likely be repaired with a filling agent. Resin is usually used when window cracks are small. This material is pumped into a crack so it fills the entire portion, leaving behind a window that is no longer visibly altered. The resin will need to harden for several hours after application, causing the need for people to stay away from the glass during this time.

A Window Replacement Is Recommended For Larger Cracks

If a crack is rather larger, or if there are microscopic breaks in the glass around the main crack, there will be a need for a full pane replacement. The glass repair service will offer choices to the business owner regarding the type of glass used to help keep cost down if necessary.

If you are a business owner in need of a Commercial Glass Window Repair, it’s best to call a company that specializes in this service. Call Layne Glass Services to set up an appointment for an evaluation of a cracked window pane and to receiving pricing information today. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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