Feb 11, 2014

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Uses of the Camlock Coupler

The camlock coupler comes in various materials, sizes and shapes. From the basic, plastic type that snaps onto garden hoses to the industrial, heavy-duty type used to connect fire hoses to fire hydrants. It is a great device that allows you to connect quickly and disconnect just as fast on the large diameter hoses and pipes. These couplings are used in wineries, the petroleum industry, chemical transportation, and agriculture. They have improved how quickly tanks are filled as well as refilled. They can also be found in use in dye factories, paint supply, cleaning services, as well as liquid waste removal trucks.

With these couplings, the seal does not wear out fast. They have a uniform surface and are very smooth. There is generally no hindrance to the flow of fluid because there is no friction. They are long lasting and reusable. That means that as the hose wears out and needs replacing, you will not need to replace the coupler. These couplers come in a variety of materials that include stainless steel, brass, polypropylene, nylon and aluminum. All of them do well when it comes to corrosion and handling a large variety of fluids. When it comes to food-handling there is the camlock coupler made from food grade plastic.

The standard couplers have a diameter that runs from Ā¾ inch to 6 inches. You can also have them custom made if your hose does not fall within that range. They connect very easily, too. You simply need to open the arms of the female coupler, insert the male adaptor, and then snap them closed. Once you have done this, the seal is complete. The fact that it can open and close so simply and within seconds and does not need a bolt or clamp to do so makes it a favorite with many industries.

Safety measures have already been put in place, which stop it from coming loose accidentally. These include metal safety pins that are inserted through the arms once they are closed. The agriculture industry uses them quite a bit, especially for spraying crops. They are used in connecting the pumps to the various tanks that are used for that exercise.

A camlock coupler is a great device used in various fields and industries. It is used to connect hoses in your garden as well as in industrial settings and agriculture.

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