Aug 27, 2014

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Used Harley Davidson in Pittsburgh Has Many Advantages

Whether you’re looking to purchase a Used Harley Davidson in Pittsburgh for sport, cruising, or cross-country riding, Honda can provide you with a suitable companion. If you are the type of person that puts safety features on the list of “must haves” for your new ride, then you should look to the company that spent 15 years of Research & Development to create the industry’s first airbag system.

Efficient Airbag
The Honda Gold Wing comes equipped with a motorcycle airbag system that can assist the rider by lessening the severity of injury caused by frontal collisions. The engine control unit detects when a serious collision is in progress, and it instantly dictates the airbag system to deploy its tethered V-Shaped airbag to help secure the rider in position.

Balancing for Weather Conditions
How about on those days when you’re riding, and a surprise rain cloud causes you to park under the freeway bridge? The Honda Anti-Lock Brake system is offered on a wider range of models, even some of the entry-level models, than any other manufacturer. Honda has combined its Breaking System with an Anti-lock Braking system that creates an optimal balance of the front and rear braking forces that help you feel more confident on the road in any weather condition.

Honda Cares About Safety
Honda’s focus is not just on the safety of the rider, but the overall experience of the ride. They strive to ensure the rider has all the controls right where you would expect them to be, and that the bike will always get you home. If you are an aspiring motorcyclist that wants an entry level bike to show off to your friends, or you’re looking for something to get you to and from work to save on gas, then Honda can provide you with an affordable price point and an all around fuel efficient vehicle.

As you continue your search for that new bike, consider the benefits that you will receive with a Used Harley Davidson in Pittsburgh: your pocket book will thank you later with the purchase of a vehicle that will allow you to get to and from work with a more fuel efficient vehicle, and the innovative safety features alone should provide comfort to those loved ones that are not as thrilled as you are for buying a motorcycle from Z & M Cycle Sales.

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