Apr 11, 2015

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Used Car Buying Mistakes That Can End Up Costing You Money

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a used car. There are a number of things in favor of it but one little mistake can end up costing you a considerable amount of money. If you end up buying a car that costs you an arm and a leg in repairs or you did not negotiate the price right the difference is getting an excellent deal and a great car and paying far too much for a dud. As the financial crunch in the US begins to ebb, used car prices are starting to fall so buying now is the thing to do if used cars in Mokena are in your future.

* Mistake-Not knowing the history of the car: When you look at a used car it is very hard to determine how well it has been maintained. Ask the dealer for a copy of the vehicle’s history, this will tell you if the car has been in an accident and rebuilt, who the owners have been and the registration history.

Take the report to an independent mechanic and have him perform a thorough inspection, this may cost $50 more, but it is money well spent.

* Mistake-Not negotiating the price: Buying a car is one of the things that will excite just about anyone but it is best to stop, step back and give the purchase some serious thought. Remember there are plenty of used cars in Mokena available, finding a used car is not hard. Think twice, ask yourself if the difference between a high end used car and a new car is so small that you can get a new car for a comparable price. By doing so you rid yourself of any worries that might be plaguing you about buying a used car in the first place.

Mistake-Not negotiating the value of your trade-in: if you have a fuel efficient car to trade in it will bring a higher resale value than a gas guzzler, and you should share in it. Look up the value of your current car on any one of a number of online sites and then when you are negotiating you will be prepared to effectively negotiate the amount that you will accept.

These are perhaps the top three mistakes that a used car buyer can make but pay attention to financing as well; you may find that the cost of money is not the same everywhere.

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