Feb 23, 2016

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Use Worcester Actuators for a Variety of Machines

Use Worcester Actuators for a Variety of Machines

Actuators are the motors that provide power to a system. The power is fueled by some source of energy, such as electricity or compressed air. People use actuators every day because these devices are found in many different machines. It is important to know about the actuators found in valves and a variety of other applications.

The Use of Actuators

Actuators are devices that are powered by electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic energy. The main purpose is to provide power or movement. The actuators in any machine are designed to give you automatic control over the functions.

An electric motor is the most common example of an actuator. The electrical energy is converted into motion that powers a fan, car, or power tool.

Valves and actuators are found in heaters and cooling fans. On the outside, there are coils and fans, while the more important parts are found inside.

Actuators are found in hydraulic cylinders that are installed in different machines like excavators. The cylinder is usually powered by oil and works like a motor works in a car.

The different parts of the cylinder include the piston, seals, and cylinder head. The seals in actuators are designed to prevent leaks and breakage. The piston moves up and down and works to promote the movements of actuators.

Use in Valves

Actuators are included with valves that control the flow of gasses and liquids. The pipes are used to contain the flow of a substance from one point to another. The valves and actuators are used to control the different aspects of flow, such as the speed, pressure, and temperature.

The type of actuator depends on the type of energy source. Pneumatic actuators use high air pressure to create motion. Electric actuators use electrical motors, and hydraulic ones use water to provide the power for valves.

Qualities of Actuators

The quality of actuators is rated based on the amount of speed and force. A rating system of IP codes is assigned to different brands and models. People use these motorized devices in both homes and industrial settings. The higher IP codes are assigned to heavy-duty machines that operate in high-pressure settings.

Another important factor is durability. Every consumer wants the motor to be durable for the entire length of time that it is used. Worcester actuators are known for providing long-term durability that lasts as long as the owners do.

Without actuators, many machines would not work. Excavators, motors, and some digital products would not function properly. In valves, actuators are needed to automate the flow of a substance like gas or water. You need a manufacturer that is known for creating quality devices on the market. Worcester actuators are the devices that you need for the automatic and remote control of your machines.

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