Sep 2, 2015

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Use the Five Senses in Your Home’s Interior Design in St. Louis

Use the Five Senses in Your Home’s Interior Design in St. Louis

You want your house to fulfill your own personal ideas and appeal to the attention of guests. You cannot create a standard design that everyone else has used before. As you create a unique plan, consider the importance of the five senses and how sensitive each sense is in every person. Know more about the senses and how to make the most of home interior design in St. Louis.

The Five Human Senses

Guests will come and go in your house. If you want them to come more often, or to leave on a high note, appeal to the five human senses. These senses include sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste.

Sight and Touch

First, find different ways to appeal to a person’s sight. Select the color schemes, choose the types of lights and arrange the decorations. Next, choose the right textures for the wide range of materials placed around the house. For the furniture, choose materials that people like to touch the most, such as leather and suede. For a softer appeal, include velvet drapery in the living room or pillows on the furniture. As you design, consider how each material feels in your house.


Sound is another human sense you must choose carefully. Some pet owners, especially bird owners, like to have their animals run around and create natural sounds. That way, they feel less lonely inside of the house and more in tune with the wild. If you do not have pets, open the windows often and let in sounds of the natural environment. Anyone who prefers manmade sounds should choose the music that comes out of an electronic device. For guests, play music in the background or turn on the television set.

Smell and Taste

In addition to sound, consider the importance of smell and taste in your interior design. You will find countless scents, candles and air fresheners available in stores. Choose from wintergreen to vanilla and every scent in between. Finding a fragrance that best suits your household is possible for most homeowners.

Taste is the last and hardest sense to include in your designs, but it is doable. When people arrive at the house, make sure they are well fed. It is common to place a fruit basket in the middle of a dining table or kitchen counter. On coffee tables, place glass bowls with edible items inside.

Nowadays, you have to go beyond simple and mundane to get anywhere in life. The same applies to anyone interested in the interior design of a home. Sometimes, the best solution is to be exceptional, and one way is to include the five human senses in your home. As you design, think of ways to appeal to the senses of the whole person and not just the eyes.

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