Dec 8, 2015

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Use Quality Products in the Next Shingle Roof Repair

Use Quality Products in the Next Shingle Roof Repair

When people drive up to a home or other building with a pitched or gabled roof, the first thing they tend to notice is the roof itself. Sadly, this seems even more true when the roof is aging or neglected. Damaged roofs just seem to draw the eye. Of course, a simple, Shingle Roof Repair such as patching a small leak can also be noticeable. This is due to the newer shingles not having the same patina as the original ones. It is difficult to fix the patina problem, but a sharp roofer should be able to blend the new shingles into the older ones.The typical shingle roof begins with a layer of decking over a set of rafters and joists. These timbers form the skeleton which gives the pitched roof its strength. The excess strength or sharp pitch may not be necessary for all climates since the gabled roof was initially created to allow buildings to easily shed snow or heavy rains.The two most favorite types of roof decking are OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and plywood. OSB is a newer type of lumber that forms each sheet from chips of wood placed at various angles and compressed together. The fibers are bound together with resins and allowed to cure. Plywood is made from multiple layers that are sandwiched together, compressed and bound together with a resin. The primary weakness that either of these materials has been water. If the wood soaks up too much water, it could cause the fibers to swell and break their bonds with the resins. This results in warping and rot. If the roof uses the typical asphalt shingle, then the fault might be the age of the shingles or possibly, wind-torn shingles. Shingle Roof Repair can remove these problems with a minimum of fuss.The most common type of roofing for a pitched roof is the three-tab asphalt shingle. The name comes from the three tabs that are visible as the shingles are installed. It is important to know exactly which grade of shingle is being used. Budget shingles may seem like a great idea, but they can be damaged in a strong storm, and they don’t have a very long warranty. The average shingle usually has a fifteen year, limited warranty. Better grades usually provide more time. For example, high-quality shingles tend to have warranties up to twenty-five years. Learn more at

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