Use Protective Safety Measures for Roof Repair in Philadelphia

A residential roofing system acts as an insulator, weather barrier, and aesthetic enhancer. Because a rooftop has many functions, it’s necessary to keep it in top working condition. Performing prompt roof repair in Philadelphia will also keep a roof from deteriorating even further. Since there are certain risks involved in working on a roof, using safety precautions will help reduce these potential hazards. The following guidelines can be used to improve safety during a roofing repair.

It’s preferable to only work on a roof when there is ample sunlight. Conducting any tasks before sunrise or after sunset can cause shadows to be cast on the roof. Distorted imagery can result in a person misjudging the parts of a roof. It’s also prudent to only work on a rooftop when it’s dry. Avoid repairs when there is hail, sleet, snow and rain. This may seem obvious. However, even minor amounts of snow, rain, or sleet can cause a person to slip and fall.

Have someone work on the roof with you when possible. Proper ladder use is a major factor in roof safety. Only use a ladder that is in good condition. Inspect the rungs and rails on a ladder by tugging on them. The locking mechanism of a ladder should work. Avoid using a ladder that has missing parts. A ladder should be placed on a level surface when possible. A ladder stabilizer can be used to attach the top of the ladder to the side of the roof. The top of the ladder should extend approximately two to three feet above the side of the roof. This will give a person something to grab during a fall. Always read the user’s manual of a ladder before using the ladder.

Always remember that safety comes first when doing a prompt roof repair in Philadelphia. When a job seems too difficult to handle, it may be necessary to call a professional like the ones at American Quality Remodeling. This business can handle many residential and commercial roofing services in addition to siding and window services.

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