Jul 28, 2017

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Use Of Laboratory Fume Hoods In Laboratory Environment

Ventilation is important for any working area, no matter what industry you’re operating in. For laboratory settings, a very specific kind of mechanism is used. In this article, we’ll take a look at laboratory fume hoods and why you need to have them installed.

What Is It For?
Its main purpose is to expel dangerous chemical fumes and vapors, as well as dust and other particles. They also function as a type of physical protection against any chemical reactions, which can protect your staff from inhaling dangerous chemicals. It can also prevent chemical spills and decreases the chances of sparking a fire.

How to Properly Use the Hood
1. Put your tools at least 8 inches inside of the hood, or as far back as possible. This way, you can optimize the hood’s performance while ensuring you’re safer, too, according to the University of Wisconsin.
2. Make sure that none of the tools are blocking the hood’s baffle vents.
3. Avoid putting any tools that could cause any ignition inside the hood, especially if there are any liquids or gases that are flammable in the area.
4. Do not move too quickly while putting or taking anything out of the hood, as this could disturb the airflow.
5. Ideally, fume hoods should be placed in a location where crosscurrents caused by foot traffic can be avoided.
6. Make sure that you are not using items with porous materials. Examples include pencils and paper.
7. The hood is not to be used as a waste disposal unit.
8. Only use the minimum amount of chemicals necessary for the procedure so as to limit how much chemicals your store in the hood.
9. Make sure to always wear splash goggles. You’ll need to wear a full face shield if there’s any chance of an explosion occurring.

Always keep your staff’s safety a priority. Make sure to keep these tips in mind next time you use any laboratory fume hoods.

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