Apr 3, 2014

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Use Faith to strengthen your Relationships

We have many different relationships in life. Some are casual acquaintances and others are deep and life long. If you wish to enjoy truly meaningful relationships your faith can help keep them strong.

A Free Christian Prophecy can often be used to offer guidance when you are facing hurdles in your relationships. It can be with a family member as well as a spouse or friend. When you love someone and care for them you want to do all you can to keep your relationship in tact. Your faith can play a key role in keeping your relationships strong.

Prayer is a good way to find ways to make your relationships stronger. Prayer can offer insights that you might not otherwise consider. When you pray for patience and understanding you will see where you are going wrong in a relationship. You will want to find ways to offer the understanding required to get along well with others. Being less selfish and more willing to compromise can help you improve your relationships with others.

It is also important to remember that God wants you to be happy. This means that he does not expect you to constantly be giving up your needs to please others. God sees relationships as a two way street and expects everyone to be willing to sacrifice some things for the good of the relationship; some things, but not all. If only one person is making sacrifices and doing all the giving then the relationship is one sided and perhaps not worth pursuing.

Remember that even Jesus told his disciples not to waste their breath on those unwilling to listen. There will be times when you have to look at a relationship for what it is and decide on whether it is bringing happiness into your life. A relationship full of strain and pressure is not a healthy one. If through prayer and patience you find it is a losing game it is okay to let the other person know things are not working out well for you. Their love will determine if they are willing to make changes to improve the relationship or are not. You can then move on without resentment and wish only good things for them.

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