Feb 24, 2017

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Use a Landscape Service in Middletown, NJ to Save Storm-damaged Trees

Use a Landscape Service in Middletown, NJ to Save Storm-damaged Trees

When a storm hits an area, trees often get battered. However, it is possible to restore storm-damaged trees in some cases. In order to save these kinds of trees, arborists often recommend removing the branches at the end of lengthy limbs while keeping the interior branches.

When a Tree Sustains Damage

When you contact a landscape service in Middletown, NJ then, you need to ask the landscapers if they can salvage certain plants. For example, a storm may completely blow off the leaves and break the branches of a tree. However, it may still be able to make a comeback. One episodic event is not enough to completely annihilate a tree in most instances. A tree reserves energy in its limbs and roots. Therefore, these stored nutrients can fuel the growth of new leaves the following year.

After a storm, call a landscape service to review the damage and make an assessment. Typically, the landscapers will remove separated, hanging, or broken branches and avoid pruning any of the wood that is obviously healthy. Again, the tree needs the healthy section in order to heal.

Assessing a Tree’s Damage

Professionals at companies such as Barrett Tree Service also examine trees for cracks where larger limbs are connected to branches. If cracks are seen, the landscapers will usually cut the limb back to the next whole and healthy branch.

Landscape service professionals also advise that it is best to make smooth cuts when pruning. In other words, ragged pieces should not be seen jutting out from an injured tree. It is also necessary to leave the collar, or the thickened base of the limb that is attached to a tree. Collars are needed to heal pruning cuts.

Landscapers may also stake a smaller damaged tree, or one whose trunk is four inches or less in diameter. If the tree is frequently watered, it should be able to survive the aftermath of a severe storm.

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