Mar 16, 2016

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Use a Boat Trailer Dolly to Safely Transport Your Boat on Land

Use a Boat Trailer Dolly to Safely Transport Your Boat on Land

Boat owners know what an amazing feeling it is to be out on the water breathing in the fresh sea breeze, but enjoying the luxury of maintaining a boat is also accompanied by the difficult task of maneuvering it on land. Using a boat trailer dolly can be the solution to your problem.

Additionally, if moving your boat inland for storages purposes it not an issue, a dolly for boat trailers also serves as a convenient tool to sturdy your boat in a showroom.

A quality provider of boat trailer supplies can supply dollies that can flawlessly transition your boat from land to water and back again.

Large Boats
When steering a boat out of the water, it becomes increasingly more difficult as the weight increases. Regular dollies do not provide the durability or steadiness required to heave a 25,000 pounds boat to a new location. Choosing the right dolly is critical to ensure the safety of individuals visitor the dock location, people responsible for moving the boat, and of course the boat herself.

A boat trailer dolly reinforced with titan structures adds strength to the maneuvering structure. This type of dolly is capable of supporting the massive weight while managing to easily roll on pavement, cement, or even showroom floors.

Small Boats
Moving smaller boats, such as pontoons, with boat trailer dollies provides a reliable way to boats into a storage unit or garage for the off-season. The number of dolly wheels can be adjusted to help balance and support the boat. The option to alter the size of the dolly helps secure your boat, despite its size.

The most important reason to consider owning a boat trailer dolly is for the security of knowing the transportation of your boat will not be damaged. Hydraulic trailers supported by flexible fenders protect the boat hull and is reinforced by double locking check valves. The boat will be in place with breakaway switches and brakes on all of the wheels. Implementing a hydraulic trailer into your boat maneuvering process will provide a quiet, non-polluting, single structure that makes caring for a boat in the water and on land a more seamless process.

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