Feb 22, 2019

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Use 24-hour Memphis TN Messaging Service to Gain More Real Estate Listings

Use 24-hour Memphis TN Messaging Service to Gain More Real Estate Listings

How many listings did your real estate firm generate last month? Do you wish it was more? Of course you do, but you are struggling with figuring out how to make things happen. Here this; there is help available and there is no need to hire employees to get the results you want. The competition is building a successful business by having a live-presence on the real estate market. This means more than signs in yards of homeowners. It means that someone needs to be picking up the phone 24-hours a day. Today’s homeowners want fast results, excellent service and a real estate company that responds at all hours. The way we live and work has changed. In order to get the best listings, picking up the phone is half the battle.

Many people work at hospitals, offices, out of the country and travel frequently. We are a world on the move, and professionals are driven by that fact. Does your office close in the evening? Do you know that busy executives often work long hours? They may not be up during the time that your business is open. Further, commitments could land them in voice mail. Do you think that is what they want? The answer is no. They are calling your competition and telling them at midnight or four in the morning that they want to list their properties. Was your team asleep then? You need to use Memphis TN Messaging Service. It is time to do what works.

Prior to the listing presentation, the agent will need to prepare the fair market value reports and do a record check. Further, the agent will need to apply his training to closing the deal. In order to make any of this happen, the real estate broker must maintain an active operation for his team. By investing in 24-hour operators, he has it. Further, the operators can take important details down to ensure that the follow-up and presentation are both a success. For example, an operator will detail the best time to reach the prospect, what type real estate he wants to list and the address. Further, the operator will tell the prospect that an experienced agent will draw up the information he needs to make an informed listing decision quickly.

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