Upholstery Cleaning In Broomfield the Right Way

Upholstery is a part of everyday life. For this reason, it is important to know the proper way to keep it clean. When upholstery becomes dirty, it does not provide the same ambiance and comfort to the room as it does when it is clean and fresh.

Unfortunately, over time your upholstery is going to become dirty from daily use. Therefore, you need to get in the habit of quality upholstery cleaning when it is necessary.

Different Cleaners for Different Fabrics

It is important to note that you cannot use the same type of cleaner on all fabrics for upholstery cleaning. Begin by checking the furniture to determine the required agent for cleaning. Typically, there is a letter code located under the cushion, which may be W, SW, S or X.

W means that you should only use water-based cleaners or foam. Do not use tap water since it contains minerals that can lead to fading or rings. Instead, use only distilled water.

SW means you should use a solvent and water based agent, such as a mild water free solution or foam. Again, do not use tap water, only distilled water.

S means to use solvent based agents for cleaning. This is a mild, water free cleaner. Do not use water at all for upholstery cleaning fabrics with this letter code.

X means that this fabric should be cleaned only with light brushing or vacuuming. Do not use solvent or water based agents on this type of upholstery. In fact, it is recommended that you hire a professional upholstery cleaner for this job.

The Cleaning Process

Upholstered furniture can be made from a number of different material types. However, synthetic fibers like acrylic, nylon and polyester are most commonly used on furniture. While these fibers are not as expensive and the more luxurious natural fibers. In addition, they are better at repelling stains. This means that when you are not able to perform immediate cleaning, permanent stains are less likely with synthetic materials.

Furthermore, when you are performing quality upholstery cleaning in Broomfield, you will need to make certain tFurthermore, when you are performing quality upholstery cleaning in Broomfield, you will need to make certain that you do not allow any cleaning agents to come in contact with the wooden or metal parts. The reason for this is that wood and metal on furniture can change color, corrode or rust when exposed to certain cleaning agents. This will drastically reduce the beauty of the furniture.

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