Jul 6, 2018

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Upgrading To Marble Countertops In A Minneapolis Kitchen

Upgrading To Marble Countertops In A Minneapolis Kitchen

A very popular option in Minneapolis, both for home renovations as well as for new home construction, is the addition of marble countertops in the kitchen. Marble is a classic choice in natural stone with a long history of being used in everything from building construction material to the creation of famous sculptures.

Marble is quarried, or cut into large blocks in the locations where it is found. The most famous quarries for marble are found in specific locations around the world including in Carrara, Italy, where the classic Carrara White marble is from, as well as in England, Greece and even in the state of Vermont in the United States.

Each quarry produces a specific color of marble with an easily identifiable pattern to those with knowledge of the industry. In addition, within each quarry, there are variations, which is why all marble countertops are unique.

Creating Slabs

From the blocks of marble, the individual slabs are cut by powerful saws. The marble is then finished and polished, and finally sealed, before it is installed as marble countertops.

As marble is a very heavy material, having the right type of cabinets in the kitchen as will be important. This provides a secure, durable base for the countertop, which will last for the entire life of the home. The edge profile, or the way the edge of the marble connects and interplays with the top of the cabinets in the kitchen, will also be an option for homeowners to consider.

When upgrading in a renovation, always consider if replacing the cabinets in the counters is an important decision. As the marble is custom cut, it is very difficult to change out the counters at a later point in time. In most upgrades and renovations, a complete countertop and cabinet upgrade will be the optimal choice, allowing the Minneapolis homeowner to create the perfect look for their new kitchen design.

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