Until Municipal Connection, Service Is Still Needed From Septic Tank Companies in Federal Way WA

Septic Tank Companies in Federal Way Wa primarily serve rural residents. However, sometimes a rural area gradually becomes surrounded by homes and businesses as a municipality spreads outward. Thus, some municipal residents still need to use their private septic system until their properties can be hooked up with the city wastewater treatment and sewage removal pipes.

Opposing Views

In some instances, this is a welcome development for the homeowners whose houses were built a long time ago. Their septic systems may be very old and in questionable condition. In other cases, people who moved to the rural neighborhood 10 or 12 years ago are disgruntled at the possibility of being forced into the municipal system. They worry what this will cost.

Some property owners are glad they will be able to quit using the septic system because the drain field takes up much of the yard and they’d like to use that space for something besides grass. The top of the field cannot be paved, for instance, and vehicles should not be parked or driven on it.

Convenience and Responsibility

Municipal sewer systems are more convenient for the property owners, with no need for private property tank pumping by a company like Advanced Septic & Construction Services. However, property owners are still responsible for certain problems that can occur. Sewer backups may happen because of tree roots invading the underground wastewater pipe on the property. If the backups become so frequent that pipe replacement or sheathing is advisable, the property owner is responsible for arranging this work and paying for it.

Tank Pumping

Until the property owners connect with the municipal system, they still must arrange for Septic Tank Companies in Federal Way Wa to pump the tank as recommended and inspect the system for any cracks or other damage. Pumping the tank at least once every few years reduces the risk of a backup due to the tank becoming too full. Liquids move into the drain field, but the solids stay in the tank. Solid materials include not only human waste but items like tampons, sanitary napkins and paper towels. The fewer of those flushed, the better.

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