Jul 2, 2013

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Unique Waterjet Cutting Machines And Their Capabilities

With the invention of the steam engines toward the end of the 1800’s, it helped make way for what we know today as a waterjet cutter. If steam engines could empower locomotives that weighed thousands of tons, imagine what a water cutter could cut through. Waterjet Cutting Machines today cut through marble, granite, stone, metal, plastic, wood, stainless steal and can be gentle enough to cut through paper and food.

Waterjet Cutting Machines can cut through materials without having to disrupt the heat affected zone, HAZ. Many materials get destroyed in the cutting process due to the intense heat needed to cut through tough materials such as metals. Water pressure, much like that used in a car wash, can cool the materials while making precision cuts.

There are two types of waterjet cutters. One type of cutter uses pure water to make softer cuts and an abrasive water cutter adds abrasive materials to the jet to cut through tougher materials. Speaking of water that is used in the car wash, a waterjet cutter uses a nozzle that is hooked up to a high pressure water pump. The pump is available in a variety of ranges. Power pumps come in as little as 40,000 psi, pound per square inch, and comes in pumps as powerful as 100,000 psi.

Waterjet cutting hazards are unique to the job and the machine. Since the work you will be performing on any material has to be within 0.060 inches of the jet cutting tool, rarely are the hazards close to the surface when used properly. The danger comes in the supporting materials for the materials being cut.

There is a natural tendency to hold on to the material from underneath and this can cause serious injuries as the water is intended to go through the material. Concentrate on finding a secure surface before cutting any material. As the slogan goes in construction, measure twice and cut once. In this case, secure twice and cut once.

The injuries that can occur from Waterjet Cutting Machines are so unique that it is a recommended OSHA procedure that an operator carry an information card in their wallet. The slats holding supporting the materials can create unusual wounds with certain dust and particles that a doctor can treat immediately if known. Visit website for more details.


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