Jun 27, 2013

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Unfairly Treated Following a Car Accident? Protect Yourself with a Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa

The damages from car accidents can change lives. In the best situations, these damages pertain to property only; however, car accidents frequently result in life-changing injury, or even death. These tragic situations can become much worse when victims fail to protect themselves by retaining legal representation. Retaining a car accident lawyer Tampa will protect car accident victims from being victimized further during the aftermath of a car accident.

Following a car accident, insurance companies should begin to help the parties recover. However, some insurance companies often begin pressure-tactics instead. These tactics make sense for the insurance company. Limiting the amount paid is, in fact, how insurance companies profit. These policies do not, however, serve the best interests of those insured. They make it more difficult to repair property and can limit full medical treatment for the injured. Legal representation provides mediation and protection in the form of a party experienced in similar situations. Knowing how some insurance companies operate, legal representatives can fend off the pressure and convince the insurance company to consider a more fair settlement.

When insurance companies refuse to consider a fair amount, attorneys offer skill in negotiation, and possibly, representation in court. They understand the law regarding car accidents, know the proof necessary to prove fault, and possess the experience to present the relevant facts pertaining to the accident and sustained damages. A layperson simply does not have the knowledge or experience to ensure that they are not re-victimized during the process of dealing with insurance companies.

Some guidelines for determining the necessity of legal representation following the accident may help those dealing with the situation to retain representation.

  • an accident that results in serious injury or death
  • an accident that involves an uninsured or under-insured motorist
  • an accident where fault is disputed
  • an accident where parties receive pressure to settle quickly
  • an accident where the statute of limitations may soon occur
  • an accident where the situation simply feels unfair

A car accident may result in damage to property or catastrophic injury, but no matter the damages, should the situation seem unfair, victims should consult a Car Accident Lawyer Tampa to protect their legal rights.

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