Apr 10, 2015

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Understanding The Guardian Alert 911 System

There are some things in life that need to be simple and efficient and not complicated or difficult to use. This is certainly true when you need an emergency system to allow a loved one to immediately get in touch with first responders. The Guardian Alert 911 system offers just such a service with a simple press of a button.

The Guardian Alert 911 System Components

The Guardian Alert 911 system is designed to be all inclusive to simply plug in and use at your home. Since there is no monitoring of the system there are no ongoing monthly fees which is a big factor for long term use.

The system comes ready to use out of the box and just requires plug in to an outlet in your home and connection to your active home landline. You will then activate the pendant and base and that is the entire process.

The Guardian medical alert 911 device system comes with everything you need, including all cables and batteries, with no other purchase requirements. However, you can choose to add another pendant, use a battery backup for extended use in power outages, and even add a key lock lockbox to allow emergency responders to gain access to your home.

Range of the System

Many of the other medical alert systems on the market have a very limited range distance between the pendant and the base. However, the Guardian system offers a full 600 feet and can even work outside of your home, providing maximum range.

With a handy two way talk system right form the pendant, emergency responders can talk to the individual and find out details of the emergency. In the event that the person in the emergency is unable to talk, a short pre-recorded message will provide all the information that the first responders need to immediately dispatch medical help.

With SureSafe Medical Alerts products there are no monitoring fees, which means all you have to do is buy the product and use it. With 12 month limited warranties and outstanding feedback from customers this really is a great system to use for any senior that is wants to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

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