Feb 19, 2014

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Understanding The Action Of Melanotan 2

In making the decision of how to use Melanotan 2 it is essential to understand how this synthetically produced analog of α-MSH (alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone) impacts cells. As an analog Melanotan 2 has a very similar chemical structure to the naturally occurring melanocortin peptide hormone and therefore has a very similar action on cells. However, as an analog it is much longer lasting and has more significant impact on the cells than the actual hormone itself.

Early Development

Melanotan 2, as with the related compound of Melanotan 1 or afamelanotide, was developed at the University of Arizona located in Tuscan, by researchers that were attempting to develop a protective option for preventing skin cancer. The first discovery, Melanotan 1, was found to be about 1000 times stronger than the naturally occurring hormone in stimulating the production of melanin in laboratory studies.

When they synthesized this molecule they were then left to research how to use Melanotan 2 in their studies to sustain the pigment changes noted. In the lab researchers noted that the slightly different chemical composition of Melanotan 2 produced the same increase in melanocytes and subsequent production of melanin as Melanotan 1. However, for the full effect of the compound to be noted additional UV light was required. Exposing the trial samples to UV light for short amounts of time simulated the cells in a way similar to hours of UV light exposure or direct exposure to sunlight.

Researchers discover how to use Melanotan 2 in the Lab

Melanotan 2 is a cyclic heptapeptide, also known as a systemic cyclic, and, as mentioned above, very similar in chemical composition to the naturally occurring α-MSH. The melanocortin peptide hormone that Melanotan 2 is structured to resemble has very limited effect in the body and simulation by UV light produces only limited stimulation of the melanocytes and subsequent brown pigment.

Researchers found that when determining how to use Melanotan 2 in the lab that small doses one time per 24 hours combined with UV exposure produced the highest level of change in brown pigment in the cells. Once the pigment levels were established the frequency of use could be decreased without a loss of cell pigmentation. There is ongoing research available on how to use Melanotan 2.

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