May 27, 2014

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Understanding Self-Defense Claims in Maryland

Recently, a case involving a domestic violence situation came to light. This situation brought about some confusion about whether self-defense was recognized and upheld in Maryland state law. Criminal lawyers in Timonium, MD, are completely in tune with the effect that hearsay really has on the public! This example is just one of what are assuredly many cases of mistaken innocence. While many felt that the claim should be upheld without a doubt, others were not so sure. Take a look at the situation, and see if you agree with the outcome.

The Situation

A woman and her boyfriend were involved in a domestic dispute, and when the woman called the police, the Maryland police arrived. They found a knife had been brought into the fight by the woman. When she explained that she merely held it in defense against the possible attack of her boyfriend, and that she was scared, the police officer responded with an unusual reply. The officer told the woman that Maryland does not recognize self-defense, and arrested her! Since the boyfriend was much larger and stronger than the woman, the Maryland lawyer defending her concluded that she was, in fact, acting in self-defense. Despite this fact, the officer somehow believed that self-defense was irrelevant, and that because she brought a weapon to the fight, she was at fault.

Why Such Confusion?

Many individuals, including the officer involved in this dispute, could easily confuse the self-defense issue with fights that are mutually entered by both parties. In these situations, a “let’s take this outside” approach is taken. In cases like this, a judge would not be able to ascertain which individual was truly at fault, and therefore neither could legally cry self-defense. Since this was certainly not the case in the above situation, self-defense could be claimed, and a judge would easily be able to ascertain guilt or innocence of both parties. People have a natural tendency to defend themselves against predators, and rightly so! Don’t be confused by the laws – self-defense is recognized! This natural instinct is given to protect our bodies, and Maryland law agrees.

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