Aug 26, 2013

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Understanding Real Estate Asset Management

Far beyond the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of a property management group lies another large responsibility management firms have to their clients — asset management.   Taking property management a step beyond, asset management focuses on protecting a property owner’s investment, ensuring they receive the largest return possible on their owned properties.  Asset managers are trained to focus on long-term financial strategies in addition to the basics of property management.  Real estate asset management goes beyond collecting rent, responding to maintenance requests, and running background checks, while it strives to focus on the financial side of rental properties.

Risk Analysis
The face of the rental real estate market is ever-changing.  Asset managers possess a deep understanding of the fast-moving world of real estate and rental properties, and they are focused on ensuring that their property owners receive the maximum return on property investments.  These professionals specialize in researching each aspect of the real estate asset management Tulsa market and strive to always be aware of changes that could allow for a rent increase or a change in fees that would bring a larger profit to their client, the property owner.

Operations and Individuals
Asset managers know that, in the fast-paced world of real estate markets, their employees must always be well-informed and on the cutting edge of the changing market.  A skilled asset manager will have benchmarks in place that keep employees educated and up-to-date on changes in the rental market in which they work.  Operational risks, credit crises, and property tax changes are just a few of the important issues asset managers stay abreast of in order to be sure their property owners are bringing in the highest investment return possible.

Market Reports
Rental real estate climates are constantly changing, and talented asset managers understand the importance of communicating with their property owners about the market their rental properties are located in.  Frequently updated market reports are essential tools that indicate the complete transparency and strong communication between an invested property owner and their asset management team.

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