Nov 22, 2013

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Understanding Quotes From Movers In Wichita, KS

When you move from one home to another, you have a few options. You can pack and move your things yourself in a rented truck, pack everything yourself and hire a moving company to load and unload the truck or hire a moving company to do everything for you while you take care of other important tasks.

Though you may be very careful with your own property, there is still a possibility that something will get broken if you pack, load and unload everything yourself. Professional Movers in Wichita, KS have the experience to make sure your precious belongings don’t break. If an accident does occur, an insured moving company will take responsibility to replacing your property. The moving company you choose should be able to show you proof of insurance.

The cheapest price is not always the best price when it comes to Moving Help in Wichita, KS. It is important to get a written estimate from each moving company you consider hiring and find out what is covered in the estimated price so you can compare quotes. Look for the terms binding not-to-exceed, binding or non-binding. Binding estimates are the fairest and are not based on the actual weight of the items being moved.

If you are given a binding not-to-exceed quote, your mover is giving you a maximum price for the move based on their calculations. If your load is lighter than they estimated or less time is needed to get your belongings to your new home, you may pay less. With this kind of estimate, you will never pay more than the quoted price. Very experienced Movers in Wichita, KS sometimes use this kind of estimate.

When a moving company gives a non-binding estimate, they base their charges on the weight of the items you need to move. Because they give the estimate before they load and weigh the truck, the amount you are actually charged may be significantly more or less than the quoted figure. If you are provided with a non-binding estimate, try to get the mover to give you more information so you can determine what your actual costs would be if you choose their company.


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