Oct 31, 2011

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Understanding Periodontal Diseases and the Role Cosmetic Dentists

Periodontal diseases are also known as gum diseases as they occur mostly around the tissues and gums around the teeth. Gum problems are generally caused due to the formation of bacteria. Bacterial growths on the other hand are the results of poor oral hygiene. If ignored the diseases can turn severe, which mainly affects the underlying bones of the jaws that hold the teeth. If the bones dissolve, it will automatically lead to loosening and falling off of the teeth and severe pains and discomforts. Therefore, if you are noticing chronic inflammation and persistent pains in and around the gums, you should immediately contact experienced cosmetic dentists. You will be amazed to know that about 70-75 percent of people suffer from such diseases at some point of their life! Do you know what factors are responsible for the cause of such problems in your mouth? Following is a list of those causal factors:

  1. Heredity
  2. Undisciplined lifestyle
  3. Imbalanced diet
  4. Smoking tobacco
  5. Systematic or autoimmune diseases
  6. Diabetes
  7. Incessant clenching of teeth

Sometimes certain medications and hormonal changes in the body also cause such problems. So, do not take painkillers for toothache or any other forms of dental medicines without consulting dentists. As soon as you notice these symptoms of periodontal diseases, consult with a dentist specialized in dealing with gum problems:

  1. Swollen, red or tender gums
  2. Bleeding while flossing and brushing
  3. Receding tissues around the teeth
  4. Loose teeth or ugly gaps between teeth
  5. Odorous or bad breath
  6. Visibility of pus between teeth and gums
  7. A change in bites or dental alignment

Do not fret; there are cures and treatments for periodontal diseases. Immediately contact experienced dentists to know the right type of treatment in your case. Treatment for your periodontal disease will include the following types:

  1. Root planning and scaling: In this, an expert generally aims at removing every trace of plaque from and around the teeth thereby smoothening and curing the roots.
  2. Medication: There are various mouthwashes, toothpastes, and chemicals to treat plaque and bacteria in the gums and tissues around the teeth.
  3. Surgeries: Dental surgeries for regeneration of tissues and bones, grafting of soft tissues in case of severe damages, and operations to lengthen the crowns are effective against periodontal diseases.

So, do you need consultation and treatments regarding periodontal diseases from experienced dentists? Aurora, IL is an area where you will find a few of the reputed and most trusted dental clinics well equipped to deal with suchlike problems efficiently.


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