Nov 15, 2017

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Understanding G90 Galvanized Steel

Understanding G90 Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel has industrial appeal. The process of galvanization produces a product that is more resistant to harsh environments. Fabricators and manufacturers have a choice of coating weights from which to choose. Among the most common are G30, G40, G60, and G90. G90 galvanized steel is a popular choice for many industries including those producing appliances and in the construction business.

What Is a G90 Coating?

G90 refers to the galvanization (G) zinc coating weight of .90 oz. per square foot. This indicates the minimum of hot-dipped zinc coating the steel will receive per square foot. The intent is to provide improved corrosion resistance. The depth or extent of anti-corrosion properties is proportionate to the amount of zinc coating.

G90 galvanized steel has excellent resistance to corrosion. This extends the metal’s longevity. Fabricators must pay attention to these coating weights and select the right one in accordance with the operating environment. In other words, companies must carefully match the intended use and its environmental variables with the best possible type of zinc coated galvanized steel. Choosing a G30 where a G90 is necessary can result in corrosion setting in early and/or a decreased service life.

Features and Applications

G90 steel possesses certain features that make it ideal for a variety of exterior applications. Fabricators find it easy to weld, drill, shear, form, and machine. Painted or unpainted, it finds use as

* Drip Pans
* Tool Boxes
* Trays
* Truck Beds
* Skinning Frames

It is also apt for indoor applications where condensation can produce dampness.

G90 Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is available for those who want to improve the basic qualities of this metal. By galvanizing steel, fabricators improve the versatility, strength, and corrosion-resistance of this metal. The weight of the zinc coating affects the ability of the steel to perform in its environment. G90 galvanized steel has a zinc coating weight that provides the metal with a longer service life in certain exterior applications.

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