Apr 8, 2013

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Understanding Everything Involving Cremation

Many people wonder what cremation entails. This process is basically the burning of a body to ashes in lieu or a traditional burial. Cremation has been used for hundreds of years throughout history, in many different forms. However, not very many people really understand how the process works, or whether it is the right decision for them when they plan their funeral. If you are unsure about the process, the funeral director that you choose to preplan your arrangements should be able to offer plenty of insight

Cremation Services Provided by Funeral Homes

If you are wondering whether or not you should choose a traditional burial or cremation when you pass on, then you need to talk with a professional funeral director to understand the pros and cons of each. When you go in to preplan your arrangements, the funeral home director or representative should assist you in your decisions and preferences when you are planning the arrangements that you want. The process of cremation is relatively simple. If someone has wishes to be cremated, then the remains are placed in a combustible container. The container is transferred into a furnace, and it will remain there for approximately 3 hours. The heat inside of the furnace will be at an extremely high temperature, so the body will be reduced to ashes by the end of the 3 hour period. The ashes are then placed into an urn to be returned to the next of kin. This is an affordable and humane way to take care of the body upon death.

You Can Still Have a Funeral Service If You Are Cremated

Many people believe that if they are cremated, then a funeral service is not an option. This is not the case at all. Whether you choose cremation or a traditional burial, you can still have whatever type of funeral service you want. If you are seeking cremation San Diego services in the State of California, or cremation in any other state, then all funeral directors will be able to inform you of all of the various options that are available. A traditional funeral service with music, prayers, flowers, and programs can all be included in your funeral service, even if you are planning to be cremated. A funeral service is meant to memorialize a life, and it can give family members what they need to grieve easier. By choosing cremation over a traditional burial, you will not lose the service or intimacy that a traditional burial entails.

Choosing Cremation to Help the Environment

One reason why cremation is becoming increasingly popular is because many people consider it a much greener option for the environment. Embalming chemicals and so many deceased bodies taking up ground space is damaging to the environment. A cremation will allow people an affordable way to leave this earth, while not harming the environment in any way at all.

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