Jan 15, 2014

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Understanding Eligibility For Social Security Disability In St. Louis, MO

Social Security Disability St. Louis MO consists of benefits that you receive due to a disability to prevents you from working and supporting your family. In order to receive these benefits you must provide proof that you are eligible. Eligibility is based on the guidelines presented by the Social Security Administration. If you were denied these benefits due to an unknown reason other than the outlined eligibility requirements, contact James F. Haffner.

Eligibility for SSI

To establish eligibility for supplemental security income, you must meet eligibility requirements defined by the Social Security Administration. Within these requirement, you must possess a disability that is either mental or physical and prevents you from working. The disability must be permanent and you should have adequate medical evidence to support your claim. If you do not possess this evidence, you must provide the name of the doctor who provides treatment for you in order for the SSA to acquire your medical records. If you are turned down for SSI and you do possess a disability that will prevent you from becoming gainfully employed, you should consult an attorney to establish your rights.

Local Disability Attorney

The Law Office of James F. Haffner presents you with effective legal representation in your disability case. This attorney comprehends eligibility requirements and evaluates your claim to establish whether you are eligible for these benefits. He will review your medical evidence to determine whether additional documentation is needed to present your case in court. To hire an attorney at this law firm, contact them at the local number presented on their website at haffnerlawfirm.com.


Social security disability in St. Louis MO offers you a chance to support your family. These benefits provide you with guaranteed income that is received at the beginning of every month. With these benefits you additionally qualify for Medicaid in most cases. Through an attorney you can acquire these benefits after you are denied through the SSA. In these cases, it is necessary for you to acquire adequate medical evidence to support your claim. To speak to an attorney and achieve this goal, call the Law Office of James F. Haffner.



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