Understanding Dram Shop Law New Jersey

Dram shop law New Jersey is applicable to businesses that sell alcohol and individuals who serve alcoholic drinks. If such a business or entity serves a person who is already intoxicated with more alcohol, it is liable for the injuries that may be caused by the intoxicated person. One of the challenges that arise from such cases is the need to provide proof pertaining to the alcohol being directly linked to the accident or injury caused.

Dram shop law New Jersey holds businesses such as bars responsible for the harm caused by an intoxicated person who last consumed a drink at the establishment on the day f the incident. The law stipulates that people who are already drunk or bordering on being drunk should not be served with liquor. Establishments that provide alcohol are required to comply with these laws. All staff members are expected to understand that they will be held responsible for the harmful actions of a patron whose behavior is attributed to being intoxicated.

The law is aimed at promoting responsible service among drinking establishments by ensuring that the sale of alcohol to drunken patrons and underage drinkers is reduced. The law goes a long way towards encouraging responsible drinking and preventing the negligent actins that are associated with excessive drinking. Dram shop law New Jersey is effective in the prevention of excessive drinking and the harmful behavior that can arise from it.

Alcohol servers need to be aware that there are legal implications when they serve drunk and underage individuals who may end up harming people or even themselves. Alcohol servers play their role in protecting people from harm by being in compliance with dram shop law. The law applies to the act of providing alcohol and contributing to the intoxication of a person. Anyone who is found to have been involved in such activities is legally responsible for any injuries that the drunken person sustains or causes as well as any damage that occurs.

Alcohol is known for being a beverage that has the ability to cause a drastic change in how a person behaves. It can have a negative effect on a person’s ability to make decisions and behave rationally. Although people are generally expected to be responsible for their actions, someone who is intoxicated may be unable to determine whether or not they have already had too much to drink.

When a drinker is no longer able to make decisions because of intoxication, responsibility shifts to the person serving or retailing the alcohol. Dram shop law makes it possible for the plaintiff to file a lawsuit against the alcohol sever who contributes to the patron’s inability to be rational or behave responsibly. Dram shop law encourages retailers to be cautions when serving patrons alcoholic beverages.

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