Jul 8, 2015

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Understanding Diamond Certifications

Understanding Diamond Certifications

The certified diamond studs are the loose stones which have been successfully graded based on their 4C attributes by a gemological laboratory. The 4C characteristics include the cut, color, carat weight and clarity of the stone, which in turn can directly determine its desirability and value.

Getting a Grip on the 4C Guidelines

  • Carat weight. The diamonds are accurately measured using electronic microbalances. The weight is recorded with very precise measurements to the fifth decimal place.
  • Color. The stones are generally graded against master stones having predetermined color on a standard viewing element. Microscopes having a magnification of 10X are used.
  • Clarity. The stones are screened to help determine if they are authentic. The evaluators will always look for any alteration signs such as a color enhancement or fracture filling.
  • Cut. Most people normally think that the diamond cut only refers to the shape of the stone. Cut also refers to the measure of proportions, polish, uniformity of the face and symmetry.

Importance of Buying Certified Diamond Studs

Certified diamond studs have been verified for their quality. This enables the consumers to purchase the diamonds freely with plenty of confidence in the level of perfection they are receiving. The customers will always have an idea of how their diamond studs should look when they have the diamond studs certificate. These stones can also hold their values much better over the long term that the non-certified diamonds, especially when they are being sold again or upgraded. It is very easy to compare the certified diamond studs based on the 4Cs. Certified diamond studs have also broadened the shopping capacity of online shoppers at a variety of outlets and jewelry showrooms. It is, however, paramount to always check if the certificate is from a third party and not from a laboratory which is associated with the store or the jeweler. The third party should have a history of stringent grading practices and they should have been in the business for some time.

Diamond Appraisal vs Diamond Certificate

There are some retailers who will always try to pass the diamond appraisal as a diamond certificate. The diamond appraisal refers to a document which is usually prepared by the seller in order to indicate the estimated value just for insurances purposes. Diamond certificate refers to an unbiased analysis of the quality of the stone and it is generally prepared by the gemological laboratory. When searching for the highest quality stone to use in a piece of jewelry, be sure to obtain a certified stone and not just one that has been appraised.

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