Jun 28, 2018

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Understanding Crown Placement Dental Services in Trumbull CT

Understanding Crown Placement Dental Services in Trumbull CT

There are three types of dental crowns frequently used, according to their distinct manufacturing method. These are metal-ceramic crowns, ceramic-ceramic crowns, and composite resin crowns. The yellow gold crown of years past still exists, although it is rarely used today.

Yellow gold crowns are mostly installed on posterior teeth, which means they are not visible when the wearer smiles. This is because yellow gold inside the mouth is not very aesthetic. However, it is very resistant and does not need the help of other teeth. Crowns are some of the best Dental Services in Trumbull CT.

Metal-ceramic crown

A metal-ceramic crown is composed of two distinct materials: an alloy of metals, which is used to make the base (also called the “skeleton” of the crown) and the ceramic, which forms, in turn, the principal prosthesis. A ceramic-metal crown is solid, which means that it has a very long life. It is preferred when the procedure being performed is extraordinarily complicated, and other techniques are not suitable. It is also generally more affordable than other methods.

Installing a metal-ceramic crown

The installation of a metal-ceramic crown typically requires several steps, performed during two or more appointments. During a first appointment, the dentist must prepare the affected tooth. To do this, the dentist grinds the tooth down to allow the final crown to settle over the natural tooth. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Also, during the initial appointment, radiographs of the tooth to be replaced are then taken to create a working model that will be used by the prosthetist or dentist who will make the crown. At this stage, it is possible to install a temporary crown, often made of acrylic materials, while the final crown is made. Speak to a professional about this and other Dental Services in Trumbull CT today.

Together, the dentist and prosthetist ensure that the final crown will fit perfectly with the remaining natural dentition by checking several parameters, including the color and shape of the adjacent teeth. The dentist first makes a metal structure which will then be covered with several thin layers of ceramic. When the crown is ready, often within a few days, another appointment is needed to cement the final crown on the tooth. Visit us for more details.

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