Jun 6, 2014

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Understanding Common Premises Liabilities Through A Personal Injury Attorney In Mesa

In Arizona, common premises liabilities are those in which a visitor slips and falls due to safety failures that could have been avoided. These occurrences are more frequent in shopping centers and malls. In most cases, it is probable that an employee failed to follow the store’s safety policy by warning the public of an existing hazard. If you were injured due to a slip and fall injury, you should contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Mesa today.

Common Safety Failures that Led to a Premises Liability

When event planners combine efforts to coordinate a live event, there are common mistakes that are made, which could lead to premises liabilities. Inadequate security is the most frequent of these mistakes. Another probability is exceeding the building’s capacity which is regulated by fire and safety laws.

The bylaws that govern these events require the event planners or host to sell tickets in the amount that represents the building’s capacity. Unfortunately, some planners exceed this number to generate higher profits. If you were injured during a live event due to a failure caused by the event planner, you should contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Mesa immediately. Construction sites are another predominant place for premises liabilities. By law, the public should be notified in advance of any construction efforts that may require alternate travel routes or that could present significant hazards. The laws also dictate the type of signs that are required to instruct the public when they come in close proximity of the site. These laws require that the letters are the sign should be an adequate sign to allow easier viewing of the public and positions in areas that they are visible clearly.

When construction crews and contractors fail to warn the public of these hazards, injuries are likely. In some cases, the construction company’s insurance will not cover the full extent of the damages which leaves the owner liable. These cases have led to pay-outs of millions of dollars due to simple tasks that could have been performed with ease.

A premises liability is an avoidable occurrence. In these cases, the answer to remedying the problem wouldn’t have required a significant effort on the defendant’s part. However, in some instances, they were aware of the hazards completely and chose to ignore them. If you were injured due to unethical business practices you should hire a Personal Injury Attorney to represent you. For more info, visit Law Office of Jay A Bansal.


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