May 11, 2013

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Understanding Child Support on Long Island, NY

Getting divorced is a miserable experience, when it involves just two spouses. It’s so much worse when children are involved. Much of the discussion in this case will revolve around which parent gets custody of the kids and then how much child support the non-custodial parent must pay. The judge might ask them if they could agree to joint custody. However sometimes it was questions of child rearing that caused the divorce. One parent might want to homeschool, while the other doesn’t. One parent might believe in vaccinations, while the other thinks they cause autism. When the differences of view points are this great it is very unlikely that joint custody would work. So both parties might hire Child Custody Lawyers so that they can win. Eventually a judge will have to listen to the various parties and decide what works best for the children.

Once the judge decides which parent has custody, he’ll then decide how much money the non-custodial parent has to contribute to the support of the children. The judge might also consider how much alimony, if any, the custodial parent should receive. Child Support Long Island NY specialists may testify on behalf of either or both parents. Children with special needs may require much more financial support to thrive. The non-custodial parent may be required to carry them on their company health insurance plan. They may even be required to carry a life insurance policy with a minimum amount. This ensures that even if the parent dies, they continue to provide for their children.

Once a judge determines what financial support is required, neither parent or both parents working together can change the terms of Child Support Long Island NY. If a person’s circumstances change, then they must file child support modification request. This will be considered in a very narrow range of circumstances. A person’s career might disappear if their entire industry fails. A person cannot voluntarily take a lower paying job and then claim that they can’t afford child support. The child is now living full-time with a different parent. The child is working full time and has filed to be emancipated from the custodial parent. The child’s physical or emotional health has changed.

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