Apr 16, 2014

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Understanding Catalog Marketing Services

Catalogs are distributed to the marketer’s mailing list, which is composed of existing customers, as well as prospects. The lists are refined by the response from the actual customers, as well as their subsequent purchases. Since printed catalogs can be costly to produce, marketers are encouraged to remove any names of individuals that do not make a purchase over a certain period of time. This helps them to reduce their overall printing and mailing costs, without a significant effect of their top line revenue.

Promotional Efforts

Once the initial distribution of the catalog is complete, the marketers will continue communicating with their prospects by email or mail in order to provide them with special offers, as well as details about any new products available that are not in the catalog. The marketers can build the customer profiles based on their actual purchase history. This gathered profile information and the customer preferences are then use to create a series of targeted offers that are for specific customers or for a certain group of customers that share similar characteristics.

The Response Process

One of the most important portions of any catalog marketing effort is the response mechanism that is utilized. The marketers will work to ensure that the process for ordering is as convenient and simple as possible. The printed catalogs also include order forms that customers can complete and then return by regular mail. The catalog marketing method is extremely effective when designed and implemented properly by a business.

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