May 2, 2015

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Understand Check Engine Light With Your Auto Service In Sterling VA

Understand Check Engine Light With Your Auto Service In Sterling VA

Talk to your auto service in Sterling VA to understand the meaning behind check engine or various other engine trouble codes. Some of the trouble codes are important and should be looked at immediately. Check engine light turns on when the vehicle’s computer detects a faulty system. You can’t reset the Check Engine Light but if the reason for the fault doesn’t happen again the light is turned off but if it stays on then it needs to be checked by your auto service in Sterling VA.

Ask your auto service in Sterling VA – what to do when the Check Engine” light comes on

Did your “Check Engine” button light up soon after a gas refill? If the answer is yes, then check the gas cap and tighten it. If the gas cap has been secured already, have a scan of your car computer by your auto service in Sterling VA to see the error code. When you take your car to an auto service center, a technician will retrieve the stored diagnostic trouble codes by hooking up the scanner to the car computer and verify it against the service manual. Sometimes this scanning is done at no cost.

Take appropriate action to get the issue fixed with professional auto service in Sterling VA after the problem is diagnosed.

Check with your auto service in Sterling VA if it is safe to drive with the ‘check engine’ light on

The answer to the above question depends upon the probable cause of the ‘Check engine’ to come on. A flashing Check Engine light means that the engine computer has detected misfiring with your engine. If you continue to drive in this condition, the catalytic converter which is a very expensive can get damaged.

Sometimes the check engine light comes on due to too much air and too little fuel mixture entering the engine. If caught early this may require a simple and cheaper repair. Any issue no matter how minor it is tends to escalate if left unattended for long periods. It is recommended to get the car checked as soon as possible.

Ask your auto service in Sterling VA about resetting the ‘check engine’ light

Once the root cause of the ‘check engine’ light is identified and then fixed the auto service technician will rest the engine light. However, if the computer detects that the faulty condition doesn’t exist anymore after a few minutes of driving or few small trips, the light will get turned off by itself. Your car computer needs some time to re-test all the components. Sometimes disconnecting the battery may reset the Check Engine light but it will re-appear if the problem persist and it will also erase the readiness code that will cause an issue with the next emissions test.

Save yourself from some future trouble by not driving around while your ‘check engine’ light is on. This is the way you car indicates that it needs some care and inspection from your auto service Sterling VA. For more information go to you can also check their BBB ratings for more information.

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