Mar 11, 2016

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Underground Ductwork Signs Indicating Cleaning And Repairs?

Underground Ductwork Signs Indicating Cleaning And Repairs?

Underground ductwork is a system designed to utilize optimum heating efficiency elements. Since hot air rises, placing the ductwork underground helps improve the overall ability of your heating system to operate efficiently and effectively. By positioning the ductwork underground, the space is free from overhead pipes, producing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. There are other advantages as well.

Basic Advantages of Underground Ductwork

Underground ductwork does create the chance to provide a home with improved heating and a less “cluttered” appearance. It also:

  • Decreases the noises associated with ductwork – sometimes eliminating it
  • Allows you to install various other systems between the roof and the ceiling while decreasing the distance between that exists between the two divisions
  • Improves overall efficiency in terms of space used
  • Is able to handle sufficient weights including floor slabs, soil and other onerous materials

Yet, this does not mean that underground ductwork is invulnerable. It requires maintenance. It may also need not only annual cleaning but also repairs.

Valid Reasons for Underground Ductwork Cleaning and Repairs

Your ductwork circulates the air inside your home. According to statistics, people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. The quality of the air that circulates can therefore, seriously affect your health and that of your family. Certain signs indicate the system is not functioning properly. Some may indicate the ducts require cleaning; others show the need for repairs or replacement. Among the most common ones are:

  • Mold Growth: Usually resulting from moisture entering into the air ducts. The underground ductwork may require repairs if the problem is serious
  • Vermin Infestation: – HVAC ducts do have a chance of becoming the homes of various small creatures. If they cause damage, repairs may become necessary
  • Air Flow Reduction: – Blockage may be the cause. If it is structural, you need to contact professional underground ductwork repair companies to take care of it.
  • Clogged Air Ducts: – If the air ducts become clogged, they usually require a duct cleaning service

While other instances may cause you to call in the services of an underground ductwork cleaning and repair company, these comprise the most common.

Underground Ductwork

Heating and cooling systems provide an efficient and effective means of providing your home with fresh air and warmth. This is particularly true if the ducts are underground. They require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly. If you notice any issues such as the growth of mold or airflow reduction, contact a professional air duct cleaning and repair company. They will examine the problem thoroughly before telling you whether your underground ductwork requires a thorough cleaning or, more seriously, needs to be repaired.

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