Apr 14, 2015

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Umbilicals: How to Choose the Right One for Your Professional Diving Needs

Diving can be both an exciting and a dangerous job, which is why having the right equipment is paramount. One of the most important pieces of equipment that every diver needs is the umbilical. Well-designed umbilicals make it easier for divers to receive the breathing gas and other services they need from a control point on the surface of the water.

The earlier types of umbilical devices for divers simply included individual components tied together. The problem with this design is that the component bundles typically distorted, and kinks could easily appear in the components. This was especially dangerous if kinks formed in the hose supplying gas to the diver. These umbilical devices also required constant maintenance. Quality modern umbilicals, however, feature components that are joined together in the form of a rope that has been twisted. As a result, kinks are not an issue.

When looking for an umbilical, it is wise to choose one that is not only kink-resistant but also ultra-flexible and lightweight. Quality umbilical products are also simple to clean, highly durable and present minimal odor, and they feature a controlled buoyancy that makes them convenient to use. Diving can be a difficult job, so you need a device that will perform in even the most demanding of circumstances. The right device will make your life as a professional diver much safer and easier both underwater as well as on deck.

Maintenance of Umbilicals
A few steps can help you to effectively maintain your umbilical. For instance, it is recommended that you pressure-check your device each year to make sure it works at its optimum level. You may also benefit from getting the umbilical cleaned each year as well as getting it inspected by a professional on an annual basis. Pressure-testing the umbilical to 1.5 times its working pressure is an ideal way to inspect the device. You can also ask that your umbilical be pull-tested, which may be best achieved using a dead weight of 200 pounds. The right provider will help you select the best product and provide further maintenance tips so that your device will remain intact for years to come.

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