Dec 4, 2015

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Ultrasounds Let You Meet Your Baby

Ultrasounds Let You Meet Your Baby

There are few things in life that are more incredible than seeing your baby’s face for the first time. In the past, this has happened at birth. The 2D sonogram photos don’t give many details, and so a parent’s first real view of her baby has been in the delivery room. Recent improvements in technology have allowed 3D and 4D ultrasounds to show parents their babies’ faces months before they are born.

The Process
3D and 4D ultrasounds use the same sound waves as 2D ultrasounds. A 2D sonogram produces a flat image, but a 3D ultrasound produces a more lifelike picture of your baby. And, a 4D ultrasound shows the baby moving in real time.

When you decide that you want to get a 3D baby ultrasound in Charleston, SC, you have some options to consider. Many mothers like to have two 3D ultrasounds. The first is often done at 15 weeks or soon after, to reveal the gender of the baby. The second appointment is often made between 25 and 34 weeks when the baby’s face is clearer.

Choosing the Right Ultrasound Technician
Not all doctors’ offices have the technology to perform 3D and 4D ultrasounds. You might need to do some research to find a technician who will be able to give you the experience you’re hoping for. Some sonographers are able to offer 2D, 3D, 4D HD live, and surface rendering. You should always expect to get a printed photo or two from your ultrasound. Some technicians include an HD DVD of the 4D ultrasound for you. These pictures and DVDs can be available within minutes at some ultrasound clinics.

It’s important to find a technician who will create a calm and relaxing experience for you and your family. Some technicians welcome family and friends to come into the viewing room during the ultrasound. They go so far as to make the waiting room comfortable for small children with books and toys to keep them entertained. You’ll also have more peace of mind if you know that your privacy is respected and that any images generated will not be posted publicly without your permission.

Be sure to find a technician who keeps your safety a top priority. Sonographers with years of experience can ensure that your baby is not harmed during the ultrasound process. There is little risk with 2D and 3D sonograms, but 4D ultrasounds need an experienced sonographer. The right ultrasound technician will allow you to meet your baby in a peaceful environment.

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