Types of Traffic Infractions That Impact Insurance Rates in Rockford

Driving carries the risk of getting a traffic citation, no matter how careful you drive. Many types of traffic citations, such as speeding, not only add points to your license but may also affect your car insurance in Rockford rates. Learn more about traffic citations and insurance rates.

Non-moving violations

Non-moving violations occur when your vehicle isn’t moving, but you break a traffic law. Examples include parking violations, parking near a fire hydrant, window tint violations, broken taillights, or service issues, such as loud exhausts. Since they have little to do with driving risk, a parking ticket or a “fix it” ticket rarely raises rates, unless you fail to pay the ticket.

In fact, some states forbid insurance companies from raising the rates for non-moving violations. Every state has different non-moving violations, so check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Moving violations

Moving violations include traffic infractions when your vehicle is in motion, such as accidents, speeding, distracted driving, reckless driving, or running a red light. They typically raise insurance rates, because it makes the driver a high risk to the provider. If you have a safe driver discount, they may remove it.

Providers use a look-back period, which depends on the type of infraction. Many providers have a three-year look back for speeding tickets, but one speeding ticket in that period won’t likely raise your rates.

Most all states and insurance providers take a DUI charge seriously. If you get a DUI charge, you commonly must apply for SR-22 insurance, special coverage for high-risk drivers.

Having a driving record doesn’t mean you have to go without car insurance in Rockford. If you need car insurance in Rockford, get a free quote from Insured ASAP Insurance Agency or visit their website today.

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