Apr 11, 2012

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Types of services offered by Yellow Taxi rentals

Name one of the most convenient modes of transport in a modern city like Los Angeles. Certainly, there would be quite a few names flying around. Some would say the Metro Rail System, while some would select the Metro Rapid and Express Bus service, while a third section would opt for DASH and FlyAway chartered coaches. But all of these are public transports which carry multiple people at the same time. So, you won’t have any privacy while traveling in any of these vehicles. Besides, during rush hour none of these modes of transport are fast or available at the beck and call of the commuter. That’s why hiring a yellow taxi is the best option for LA residents, when they have to reach a certain place in this huge metropolis within a fixed time.

Like in other parts of the country, cabs in LA too have to follow specific color codes. The most commonly accepted/ well known color fixed for cabs is ‘bright yellow’. Hence, taxis in LA (painted in bright yellow color) are commonly referred as yellow cabs. These yellow cabs are run by different car rental/hiring companies that operate throughout the city with their fleets of taxis as well as limousines. These cab rentals also offer a number of customized services besides offering general passenger transit. Here’s a look at some of the most prominent customized services offered by cab rental companies in LA county.

City ride: While visiting the city of Los Angeles book a yellow taxi. Ask the experienced cab driver for customized city tour and off you go! Cab drivers in LA are knowledgeable about the different landmarks in and around the city proper. Hence, they would drive you to all the famous places of entertainment in the city, while you sit back and enjoy your cab ride!

Shopping Mall ride: During the annual shopping season, along with the whole country, LA residents too engage in shopping spree. Finding a cab on the streets during this time is next to impossible. Hence, it is advisable to book a yellow taxi well in advance to travel to and from the shopping centers, avoiding the rush.

Grocery Trips: Besides helping residents to reach shopping destinations, the trained drivers can also offer assistance by helping you load /unload groceries bought from malls with an additional fees.

Medical Trips: For persons requiring periodicvisit to hospitals or medical centers for undergoing medication and treatment procedures like blood transfusion or haemodialysis, you can book medical trips where the cab driver would assist the patient in getting in and out of the vehicle and takes back the patient directly from the medical facility to his/her address.

Hence, it is evident that the most convenient mode of transportation in LA for both residents and visitors is yellow taxi. San Fernando residents looking for best cab service need not search elsewhere. There are reputed cab agencies in the city offering quality service to residents for decades.


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