Jan 24, 2014

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Types of Scrap Metal in Hartford CT

Recycling has become the standard in many homes and businesses all over the nation. Many things can be recycled and reused instead of over filling the landfills. Scrap Metal in Hartford, CT is an area of recycling that some people neglect. The following information will tell you about the types of metal that can be recycled and why you should recycle these metals.

There are two main categories of recyclable metal materials.

1) Non-ferrous Non-ferrous metals are those that do not contain iron in considerable amounts. These metals do not have the same attributes as ferrous metals. They are non-magnetic, lower in weight, high in conductivity, and non-corrosive. This categories of recyclable metals includes brass, copper, aluminum, nickel, chromium, zinc, and lead. These metals are recycled, processed, and sent to other industries for reuse. Aluminum cans and aluminum foil fall into this category of recyclable metals.

2) Ferrous – Ferrous metals encompass iron and steel based metals used for things like steel beams, home appliances, railroad tracks, ships, and some food packaging. In the recycling industry, the term ferrous is indicative to the amount of iron in a metal. Steel and pig iron are ferrous metals that can be recycled. If the iron content is appreciable, the metal is considered to be a ferrous material.

Non-ferrous metal is more valuable in the recycling industry than ferrous metal. It is more easily used and financially beneficial over ferrous metal. This is mostly due to the fact that non-ferrous metal is measured in dollars per pound whereas ferrous metal is measured in dollars per ton. If you have any kind of metal that is taking up space in your home or business or on your residential, commercial, or industrial property, it should be recycled and not left to leach into the soil or tossed in your trash.

Throwing away aluminum cans and foil or any kind of Scrap Metal in Hartford, CT is like throwing away money. You can find out the price of various kinds of Scrap Metal online or ask your local recycling company. Business Name is your local metal recycling contractor that helps you with your metal recycling needs. Whether you are in the automotive, manufacturing, or an individual who deals in scrapping metal, this company is dedicated to your needs.

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