Jun 13, 2014

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Types of Pools that Pool Builders in Indio Design

The pool is a great addition to every home. It provides a place where the whole family can have a relaxing swim, and beat the scorching summer heat. If you are thinking about getting a pool installed, you need to think about the design, cost and time for the whole project. Below are some of the most common pools that Pool Builders in Indio design.

Above ground swimming pools

These are pools that are installed above the ground level. They are popular because they are the cheapest to install. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 10 to 30 feet in diameter. If you do not want to dig up a hole in your backyard to install a swimming pool, this is the ideal design for you. They take less time to install and be operational and, in case you move, it is possible to dismantle this pool and take it to a new home. All that is needed for this type of pool is a flat surface and a supply of both water and electricity for the pool to be fully functional.

In ground pools

These are both the most popular as well as the most costly to install. The greatest advantage of going for this pool is that you can make it as big as you want, and you also get the freedom to experiment with different pool designs. Here are some of the most common materials that are used in constructing in-ground swimming pools.

Vinyl lined in ground pools: In this type of pool, after the hole has been dug, the pool frame is constructed. The floors and walls are lined using metal wood or plastic. The material is then coated with vinyl.

Fiberglass pools: This type of pool can only be installed by a professional. A hole is dug in the ground. Then, a pool body is constructed by making use of fiberglass.

Other common materials that are used in making swimming pools include poured concrete and gunite. Experts such as United states Pools Corporation require that all pools meet the set standards. To have a quality standard of pool built for you, look for expert Pool Builders in Indio. Go to website for more information on pool installation.

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