May 2, 2013

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Types of Outdoor Kids Play Equipment

Maybe you’re a new parent who wants to make his or her kids happy. Or maybe you’re a municipal official who wants to build a playground for the children of your community. Perhaps, even, you run a business, and want to keep the children of customers entertained. Whichever of these categories you fall into, make sure to put lots of careful thought into what kinds of outdoor kids play equipment you want to populate your playground with. Remember, a playground is only as much fun as the equipment it provides kids!

Types of Outdoor Kids Play Equipment

Here are the most popular types of outdoor kids play equipment (chances are you remember many of them from your childhood!):

  • Multi-activity play systems: These are virtual wonderlands for children. Instead of buying isolated pieces of equipment, such as swings and slides, a multi-activity play system is an interconnected working system of all of them, including many types of slides, a swing, often monkey bars, with connecting platforms.
  • Multi-activity themed play systems: Multi-activity play systems can be themed, so perhaps, if it is castle themed the slides will have turrets, or if it is cartoon animal themed there will be a cartoon dog painted on one side of a platform.
  • Slides: there are many types of slides you can find. Some of the most popular include tube slides, spiral slides, black hole slides, crescent slides, mini tube slides, metal roller slides, double frp roller slides, frp roller slides, wave slides, triple wave slides, deluxe slides, wide slides, curve slides, straight curve slides, and multilane slides.
  • Swings: A perennial playground favorite, kids can swing high into the air.
  • Seesaws: Kids can test gravity when one goes up and the other has to come down.
  • Merry go rounds: Kids can swing round and round one another.
  • Scramblers: These are like an all encompassing jungle gym. Kids can climb over, under, and through the bars.
  • Thrillers: These are essentially the human counterpart to hamster wheels.
  • Kiddies range: These are essentially miniature slides, swings, etc. which are designed for toddlers and smaller children.
  • Spring riders: These are designed for smaller children also; they are typically stationary machines for kids to ride.

With any and many of these types of outdoor kids play equipment, you can ensure that the kids you are in charge of will have tons of fun!



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