Types of Document Shredding in Denver

There are different shredders available on the market. Paper shredders can be classified based on how they shred paper and what size and shape of shreds they produce. The type of shredder you chose depends upon the materials of the documents you’ll be shredding and how confidential the document is. You’ll find various types of document shredding in Denver according to your requirements.

Cross-Cut Shredding

Cross-cut Shredders cut the paper into diamond or square pieces by using horizontal and vertical blades. It can easily shred an A4 size paper into pieces. You’ll find this type of shredder to be widely available and affordable, making it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly shredder.

Strip-Cut Shredding

As the paper passes through the blades on the horizontal shaft, it is cut into parallel strips. They are economical and are used in homes and offices due to their availability and low price range. However, this is less secure if you want to shred sensitive documents.

Particle-Cut Shredding

If you’re looking for a highly secure document shredding in Denver, you can’t go wrong with this type of shredding. It can cut the documents into very thin particles using fine blades. Despite the steep price, it’s a worthwhile purchase for large-scale enterprises that have to deal with highly confidential information.

Pierce-and-Tear Shredding

For shredding large quantities of documents, this kind of shredding makes use of rotating blades that can easily rip apart large documents in a short amount of time. You can use this machine for shredding thicker materials such as binders or cardboard boxes. To protect against data breaches, XpresShred uses high-quality shredding machines to destroy your personal documents.

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