Types of Depression Therapy in Lakewood, CO

Regarding depression therapy in Lakewood, CO, psychotherapy or talk therapy is one of the most popular options. It works well in treating depression and other disorders because it gets into the underlying feelings causing the depression and helps you learn new ways to cope.

Behavioral Therapy

This type of therapy is centered on changing your behaviors that are directly affecting your emotions. One of the main focuses of behavioral therapy is teaching people how to engage in new activities focused on making them feel better about themselves.

Cognitive Therapy

The idea behind cognitive therapy is that your thoughts directly affect your emotions. The best example is people who look at the good things from a bad situation often feel better about the negative experience. Negative thinking tends to make depressive feelings worse. A person learns how to identify negative thought patterns through cognitive therapy and works to turn those thoughts into positive ones.


Also known as CBT, this type of depression therapy in Lakewood, CO, combines behavioral and cognitive therapy. Patients using this method work on identifying negative thought patterns and activities that often make their depression worse. Upon identifying these patterns, you will work with a therapist to change the thoughts and activities to more positive ones.

Other Types of Therapy

There are three other types of therapies used to help treat depression: interpersonal, psychodynamic, and dialectical behavior. Interpersonal focuses on your social support system or lack of one. Psychodynamic looks into past troubles in your childhood that led to depression. Dialectical behavior is similar to cognitive-behavior therapy but instead focuses on accepting and acknowledging negative thoughts and activities to move forward.

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