Sep 28, 2016

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Types of Chandelier Crystal Parts

Types of Chandelier Crystal Parts

Chandeliers are some of the most magnificent and beautiful additions in a home. They have the capacity to completely change the look of a room, giving it an air of elegance and sophistication. One of the most aesthetic types of chandeliers is those that are made from crystal. Crystal chandeliers parts are quite delicate and may easily break. As such, it is important to know the parts that are available, should you need to replace any of them. They include the following:

  • Canopy – This is the conical shaped metal part of a crystal chandelier which covers the hook and whose function is mostly decorative.
  • Chain – It is formed by non-welded metal links which are adjustable according to one’s preferred length.
  • Rod – This forms the body of the chandelier, through which the cable passes. At the bottom, there is a plate with holes for arms. Different chandeliers may have a glass tube or center bowls on the rod, and it may also be used for hanging.
  • Dishes – These are bowls that have been hand-cut and are placed in the lower part of the light or the upper part and suspended by crystal chains or prisms.
  • Bobeches – These are similar to the dishes, but are smaller, and are placed at the end of a chandelier’s arm.
  • Candle cover – This is a tube placed over a socket.
  • Arms – These are fitted to an arms plate with a thread and nut on one side, and with a socket on the other side. Glass arms may also have decorative features such as glass rings.
  • Arm plate – This is the flat part at the end of the rod or tube to which arms are attached, and is often made of metal.
  • Crystal chain – This is a decorative chain made of linked or pressed machine-cut crystal beads.
  • Prisms – These are also decorative, machine-cut trimmings that usually vary in shape and size.


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