Sep 23, 2014

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Types of Cases for Personal Injury in Hampton VA

While car accidents are the most common form of Personal Injury Hampton VA cases, they are not the only cases that these lawyers handle. In fact, there is a wide variety of cases that fall under personal injury law. Some of the cases include slip and fall accident, product liability, and even medical malpractice. If you believe you have a case that falls under one of these categories, or if you have any other case where you believe you deserve compensation, you’re going to want to hire a lawyer to help you.

Slip and Fall Accidents

When you’re shopping, you have the right to be able to shop safely. The floors must be kept free from any hazards, including uneven flooring, spills, and debris. If any of these causes you to fall and become injured, the business may be held liable for your injuries and they may owe you compensation.

Product Liability

Products that are sold today are supposed to be safe for the average user. If there is something that may be a safety concern, they are required to have labels and warnings that state this information. However, if you have been injured because of a product and the product lacked the proper warning labels, you may be eligible for compensation. Visit website to know more about how a personal injury lawyer can help you.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and other health care practitioners must uphold a basic standard of care when working with a patient. When they fail to do this, injuries can arise or illnesses can become worse. If you’ve been injured or your illness has become worse due to a doctor not upholding a basic standard of care, you will want to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

These are all examples of what is considered to be a Personal Injury Hampton VA. If you or a loved one has been injured a result of negligence in these or any other scenarios, you’re going to want to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. There is a time limit for filing for these cases, so as soon as you hire a lawyer they will begin working on your case. For more information or to hire a lawyer, you may want to contact Law Offices of Stephen L. today to see if they can help you.

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