Nov 13, 2015

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Types of Back Pain Exercises to Try

Types of Back Pain Exercises to Try

When you experience any type of back pain, the automatic response is to lie down and reduce your activity level. While this treatment method is understandable, when you are inactive for more than a day or two, it can actually work to undermine the healing process of your back, and in some cases increase the back pain that you experience. If you truly want to find a cure, once and for all, for the back pain that you are experiencing, the answer is active types of back exercises.

The fact is that you cannot jump into these exercises, but instead need to approach back exercise in a gradual and progressive manner. When you perform active back exercises properly, it will distribute the necessary nutrients to the appropriate soft tissues and disc space in order to keep all components of your back healthy, and functioning properly.

Types of Back Pain Exercises
In order for the exercises that you are doing for back pain to be effective, you need to ensure they are comprehensive and work your entire body. Two of the most common exercises that are recommended by physical therapists to minimize back pain, and promote healing, are highlighted here:

  1. Leg/Arm Raises: This exercise requires you to lie on your side with your lower arm comfortably bent beneath your head and allow your upper arm to rest near your chest. At the same time, bend both of your knees, flex your hips and raise your upper leg between 8 and 10 inches, lower, repeat on both sides.
  2. Ball Bridges: Lay on the floor with each of your feet propped on an exercise ball, legs straight and your arms relaxed. Tighten buttock muscle in order to lift your buttocks off of the floor a total of two to three inches. Rest, repeat.

However, to treat the whole problem of your back pain, your workout should include a combination of exercises, including low impact aerobics, strengthening and stretching.

It has been proven time and time again, that staying active and stretching regularly can provide significant results and improvements for your overall health. However, if the pain consists, seeking back pain treatment in Tampa area from the professionals may be the best solution. Using the tips here you can learn to reduce the amount of back pain you experience and have a better, overall quality of life.

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