Types of Ag Equipment For Sale in California That You’ll Need For Your Farm

As a farmer, you’re already quite familiar with all kinds of agriculture equipment you need in order to have a solid day at work. But if you’re new to this line of work, perhaps you’re unsure of what you need to invest in. If this scenario applies to you, never fear. Here’s the type of ag equipment you’ll need for your farm.

Cutters and Shredders

Grooming mowers can help chop down an entire field of overgrown grass or crops in no time at all. Save yourself a handful of hours in the morning, so you can tend to the hundreds of other tasks on the farm.

Planting Equipment

A liquid fertilizer system can plant and apply nutrients up to 10 miles an hour, saving your back and hands from the discomfort of planting by hand. Not to mention, your fields will be plentiful, which can increase your yield and income year after year.

Sprayers and Applicators

Sprayers deliver the hydration your plants need to thrive. You can also perform turns easily — with just the touch of a button. Damage fewer crops and spend less time watering overall with the right machinery.


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