Apr 22, 2016

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Two Types of Transformers

Two Types of Transformers

Many might be familiar with the word transformers but few know the principles behind them, how they work as well as the different types. In electrical application, for sure you have heard or have some knowledgeable about transformers. So, how do they work? Why are transformers used?

Transformers are devices that are used to change the voltage from one value to another. It has a soft iron coil around it. The coils can either be arranged on top of each coil or on different limbs. Operating on the principle of electromagnetic induction, transformers change that voltage whether it is smaller or bigger.

The device has a primary coil or also known as the primary winding. This is where the AV is supplied. As the voltage changes, the alternating current in the primary winding creates magnetic field around the coil. This is what induces AC and the size of the voltage would depend on the number of turns in the secondary coil. The voltage in secondary coil over the voltage in primary coil is equal to the ratio of the turns of the secondary coil over the turns on primary coil.

Two Types of Transformers

There are two different types of transformers: the step-up transformer and the step-down transformer.

Step-Up Transformer

With this kind of transformer, it generates more turns on the secondary coil compared to the primary oil. This only means that it induces more turn on the secondary coil, the voltage is also bigger than the voltage around the primary coil. When this type of transformer is used, the voltage has stepped-up.

Step-Down Transformer

The other kind is known as the step-down transformer. This works opposite as the first one as it has fewer turns around the secondary oil compare to the primary coil. This means that there if lesser induced voltage in the secondary oil. As such, it is referred to as the voltage is “stepped-down”. In order for a transformer to be efficient, the power in the primary coil should be equal to the power in the secondary oil.¬† What happens is that when the potential difference is stepped up then it follows that there is a stepped down in the current of almost the same ration. Vice-versa, if the potential difference is stepped down then the current is stepped up by almost similar ratio.

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