Apr 17, 2019

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Two Types Of Concrete Culvert Pipe: Pipe And Pipe Arch

Culverts are tunnel structures. They may be open at either end but are completely enclosed by ground or soil. While metal is often used in its construction, the most concrete culvert pipe is very common. In Tennessee, these pipes are invaluable in providing cross drainage or a route for cable or electrical cables to take.

Two Basic Types of Culvert Pipe

Many different types and styles of culverts are available. However, for pipe culverts, two basic types are the most common and popular for projects in Tennessee. These are:

  • Pipe Culvert (Single or Multiple): This type of pipe culvert is rounded in shape. It is available as a single or multiple with diameters ranging from between 1 meter to over 6 meters.

Multiple pipe culvert types are preferred if the channel is particularly wide in diameter. They are also appropriate for situations where the water flow is larger and heavier. If a single concrete pipe culvert is utilized in either of the above situations, it needs to be of a specific size to meet the necessary demands and requirements.

  • Pipe Arch Culvert (Single or Multiple): Pipe arch culverts are pipes that resemble a half-pipe. While they may handle large water flows, this level must be stable and not vary considerably. This type of culverts is also available as single or multiple types. A further quality of this type of concrete culvert is its appearance. The delicate arch is more aesthetically pleasing than a simple pipe culvert.

Concrete Culvert Pipe

Culvert pipes are a familiar and integrated component of the construction of roads, bridges, and railways. Culvert pipes are available in a variety of material; however, concrete remains popular in cities in Tennessee and elsewhere. Here, they rely on the durability and longevity of the concrete culvert pipe to ensure the water and communication lines flow across the state.

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